Visvim was established in 2000 by a Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura along with his friend, Fragment founder Hiroshi Fujiwara. The name of the brand has no semantics intended, they just opened a dictionary at random on a letter he likes the most. He chose two neighbouring words for the name of his new brand.

visvim is known for unique aesthetic that combines elements of American workwear, Native American motifs, and Japanese textile and dyeing techniques.

For visvim it doesn't matter where the items are created but what matters is the people who excel at what they do. The brand uses rare materials from all over the globe like Egyptian cotton, Chicago cordovan and Kudu antelope leather from Africa.

Visvim's products are typically produced in limited quantities and are often made with unique materials and production techniques, such as natural indigo dyeing and hand-sewn construction.

Each visvim piece is a result of a tremendous amount of work. The jacket may fade in time, but rest assured that it all was intended and calculated by the designers. At the moment visvim is one of the iconic Japanese brands with very narrow distribution.

Visvim has collaborated with a number of other brands and designers over the years, including Moncler, Neighborhood, and SOPHNET.

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