A-COLD-WALL (ACW) is a luxury menswear brand founded by British artist, designer, and multidisciplinary creative director, Dr. Samuel Ross.

The brand's approach can be described as a 'Material Study for Social Architecture,' encompassing garment design, large installations, and sound design. Driven by Ross's artistic vision, ACW clothing combines innovative materials, avant-garde silhouettes, and distinctive detailing.

The brand's journey began when Dr. Samuel Ross caught the attention of artist Virgil Abloh through Instagram in 2012. Impressed by Ross's talent, Abloh offered him an internship, which later evolved into a design assistant role. Working alongside Abloh, Ross contributed to various interdisciplinary projects, including those for Kanye West's design agency, Donda, and Off-White, Abloh's renowned fashion label. In 2014, drawing from his experiences and creative drive, Ross established A-COLD-WALL* as his own luxury outfit label for men. 

ACW offers a wide range of goods that embody its forward-thinking and artistic ethos. The collection includes cutting-edge materials, experimental silhouettes, and unique embellishments, making each piece a testament to Ross's creative prowess. This ranges from ACW shorts, jackets, and pants to T-shirts

As an authorized seller of A-COLD-WALL, Tons is dedicated to bringing the brand's innovative designs to discerning fashion enthusiasts. Their store showcases a curated selection of A-Cold-Wall apparel, making it accessible to those seeking garments that blend art, architecture, and style seamlessly.

A-COLD-WALL's avant-garde creations have gained recognition and admiration among celebrities and fashion-forward individuals alike. Renowned figures such as Drake, Kanye West, and Jorja Smith have been spotted wearing A-Cold-Wall clothing, further solidifying its position as a prominent force in contemporary menswear.

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